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Approved Admissions Launches LTC Eligibility Tracking Platform

We are very excited to announce the launch of our brand new eligibility tracking platform.

It is a well-known fact that while a resident is in a long term care facility, their eligibility coverage may change without facility being aware, and that may potentially lead to a substantial financial loss for the facility.

Imagine the following situation: today is the 2nd of a month, and as an admissions coordinator you accept a new Medicare resident to your facility. You ran their eligibility, and it came back clean - i.e., full 20+80 days available. The resident is in the facility now, and you are starting to provide services to them. All is great ... until it isn't.

It's 1st of the following month now, and you send your bill to Medicare. On the 10th of the next month, you receive a denial from Medicare that says the resident was moved to Medicare HMO on 5th of the previous month, and you needed to get a prior authorization from HMO to provide any services to the resident. You have potentially lost revenue for 40 days of services... about $25,000... What!!!!???? How were you supposed to know about the change?

The answer is the new Approved Admissions platform. We have designed it to "automagically" track changes in insurance coverage and alert you on any changes we detect. The example above is real, and that is the reason why we created this platform.

Give us a call or drop us a line at We are happy to show you the platform in action, and discuss how it can help your organization.

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