Release Notes March 2022

Enhancements to the Approved Admissions platform deployed in March 2022 release.

Brightree Integration

Starting from this release, AA provides integration with the Brightree platform ( for all the customers.

New Residents Verification

Starting from this release, AA verifies the new residents immediately as they appear in the batch request – without waiting for the batch verification scheduled time. This means that the first patient’s baseline (the first successful verification) can occur before the batch processing. And the first subsequent batch response can already give the first verification delta for that resident.

Resend Failed Requests for MD Medicaid

Starting from this release, AA automatically resends failed batches for Maryland Medicaid. This is expected to reduce the number of failed verification requests for this provider.

Bug Fixes

In this release the following issues were resolved:

· Fixed patient data discrepancies for Maryland Medicaid.

· Fixed the credentials issue for Maryland Medicaid.

· Fixed Managed Care Organizations (MCO) rules for North Carolina Medicaid HMO.

· Fixed risks detected by OpenVAS report.

· Fixed count issue in ReverificationJob.

· Fixed web credentials setup for Medicaid provider.